Robots Podcast #226: Toru robots, with Dr. Moritz Tenorth

In this episode, Ron Vanderkley will be talking to Dr Moritz Tenorth he is head of software development at Magazino, a Munich-based startup developing mobile pick-and-place robots for item-specific logistics. We will be discussing his work on the Toru robot and what it means to the warehouse industry today and in the future.   Dr … [Read more…]

Hospi Delivery Robot Being Tested at Airport, Hotel

Panasonic’s Hospi delivery robot, which is already working in the healthcare sector, is beginning trials at a Japanese airport and hotel. Hospi will move around the hotel lobby offering drinks to guests and collect dirty dishes at an airport lounge. Hospi Delivery Robot Being Tested at Airport, Hotel

5 Best Dancing Robots at CES 2017

With each passing CES, the robots are capable of doing so much more. One thing many of the robots at CES 2017 had in common was a love for dancing. 5 Best Dancing Robots at CES 2017

Combining automation and mobility to create a smarter world

Professor Daniela Rus stands with autonomous SMART vehicles on the MIT campus. Photo: SMART By: Catherine Marguerite | Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Daniela Rus loves Singapore. As the MIT professor sits down in her Frank Gehry-designed office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to talk about her research conducted in Singapore, her face starts to relax in … [Read more…]

NHTSA ODI report exonerates Tesla in fatal crash

Tesla Model S autopilot-software. Source: Tesla NHTSA released the report from their Office of Defects Investigation on the fatal Tesla crash in Florida last spring. It’s a report that is surprisingly favorable to Tesla. So much so that even I am surprised. While I did not think Tesla would be found defective, this report seems … [Read more…]

Tesla Crashes Down 40% with Autopilot, Feds Say

The US government exonerates Tesla for the May 2016 fatal accident that killed Joshua Brown. In fact, the NHTSA crash report found Tesla’s crash rate has dropped 40 percent after the company installed its semi-autonomous Autopilot software. Tesla Crashes Down 40% with Autopilot, Feds Say